Softail Breakout Vivid Black

Breakout !!! Un nom qui claque comme un blockbuster américain. Un craquement d’épaules sur une partition de métal.Du gros luxe pour une nouvelle machine, ça assoit tout de suite une réputation. L’engouement fut telle que le constructeur l’a rendu plus … Continued

Softail Breakout 120R 2.0L Engine 160CV

Feast your eyes on the Breakout™ motorcycle’s glittering new High Output Twin Cam 120 r engine, waiting to send mountains of torque to that meaty 240mm rear tire. The profile is low, stretched out and undeniably aggressive. We top it with drag … Continued

Softail Slim Stage IV 120CH

The Softail Slim® is study in contrasts. The Hollywood bars, slim rear wheel, cat eye console and floor boards recall the early days of custom motorcycle enthusiasm. Yet you also get thoroughly modern features like a High Output Twin Cam … Continued

2017 Heritage Softail Classic Gold Black Quartz (in stock/disponible)

This is too good to consign to history. The Heritage Softail® Classic is rich with the nostalgia of days gone by, but the hidden suspension gives you the authentic look of a hardtail without the bone-shaking ride. You get the … Continued

2017 Softail Fat Boy Vivid Black “Le deal de l’annee 2017 a $17,200.00″ (in stock/disponible)

When Willie G. Davidson rode the Fat Boy® model into Bike Week the first time, let’s just say it stopped traffic. No one had ever seen a factory custom motorcycle with this much visual impact before. The look was pure … Continued