Women Awerness Ride 2012

Woman Awareness Ride is for woman and man, as much riders as possible to bring across the message


  • Date:  Friday, May 25th at 5.15 at the Club
    Saturday May 26th at 5.30 at the Club
    Sunday May 27th, Club will be open from 11 but we will start the ride at 3 or 3.30 PM
  • Place: The Club
  • Dress code: Orange shirt and black or jeans pants
  • Topic: Awareness Ride
  • Participants: Everyone can take part: woman and man
  • Prizes: Participant winner

At the beginning we check the meter of the bikes and each rider has to pay at the end 1 guilder for each km that was done on that day.

Dress code: Orange shirt, pants as you like. For those who do not have an orange shirt, please pass by Blingit in front street to get a shirt and if you go tomorrow they can print it with SHARE THE ROAD. If you have an orange t shirt at home they can also print it for you for $ 7.50.